By The Shoreline – Waves [#Photography]

By The Shoreline - Waves - RawMultimedia Photography

Art Direction by: Richardo Wilson
Photography by
: Richardo Wilson

LocationNew York City

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6 thoughts on “By The Shoreline – Waves [#Photography]

    • Thanks…I was going for a that feel. I am taking my photography and making that more like paintings of art to express a more definite or artistic feel to things that are simple and minimal. I am glad you like. I appreciate the time you took to drop me a note. 🙂

    • I see you are also in New York City…It would be cool to maybe get to work together one day. Find a cool sketchy area in Central Park, shoot a few photos and I convert them into some artistic pieces.

      • it’s a great idea. Do you have a website? MUA? I also need to be booked from the agency – even for a free shoot so that they can clear up my schedule. I’m with MUSE.

      • Okay I understand. My website is I do not have a MUA on board via I am working mostly on film productions and shooting mostly landscape for the time being. I would have to upload back my portfolio to my website. But my photography works are at as I aim to capture and work with creatives within nyc. Congrats on being with an agency, that’s awesome. For the concept to create the art/painting pieces requires very little makeup for it’s almost a natural piece and would be smoothed out in retouching before converted into the artwork.

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