ART POP – 100 Subscribers – This Is My New York City

Art Pop - Richardo RawMultimedia Photography

Thank you all for visiting my photography blog which is “This Is My New York City” a site about photography, film, art and inspiration.  We just reached a milestone of 100 subscribers, which a stepping stone we are excited to celebrate, thanks to you all.  I hope you have enjoyed the works I have created and will stay in tuned for more.  Most of photos I have shared were very minimal and I glad they were received very well and I can’t wait to share much more of my greater works with you.  Also I shall be adding films that inspire me and I think are awesome from sites such as YouTube/Vimeo for you to enjoy and help bring a breath of fresh air to your lives.

The photo above is of me, Richardo A. Wilson the creator of the photography you have since and the person behind “RawMultimedia” and “This Is My New York City“.  Until I wrap up my short films to present to you and the world, keep on enjoying the creativity I share with you, and feel free to interact with me on Facebook at and on Twitter at  Thank you again.

Art Direction by: Richardo Wilson
Photography by
: Richardo Wilson

LocationNew York City

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