Fighting Champions – Neibauer: Zapruder Threshold #1

Fighting Champions – Neibauer: Zapruder Threshold #1

Post Mortem Private Investigator Gene Neibauer investigates the death of Ruby “Red” Pyon. After digitally resurrecting him as a hologram named PyonBOOT. They are attacked by the Champions of the Dead, members of a devout group morally opposed to holographic necromancy.

Neibauer Trevor Foley
Vivienne Natalie Kim
PyonBOOT Nicholas Feitel
Rhyme Aldous Davidson
Champion#1 Rob Penty
Champion#2 Richardo Wilson

Director Chris Chan Roberson
Cinematographer Chan Sick Fon
Sound Ajay Morales
Editor Gretel Yes, Chris Chan Roberson
Music The Jazz Ministers: Clarence Roberson, Ecneraic Nosrebor, Maillliw Nosrebor



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